La Sociedad de Autismo de Florida es una

sin fines de lucro 501 (c) (3) compuesto en su totalidad de voluntarios, en su mayoría padres de personas con autismo y adultos con autismo. Somos una filial de la Autism Society of America. Durante 28 años, hemos trabajado para garantizar la participación y la autodeterminación plenas en todos los aspectos de la vida de las personas con autismo. Trabajamos todos los días para empoderar vidas abriendo vías de autodefensa y abogando en nombre de los demás de una manera que valore la equidad, el respeto, la dignidad y la diversidad en todas las comunidades.

About Autism


Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability affecting 1 in 44 children in the United States.  

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2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season
Wed, Jun 1, 2022 – Wed, Nov 30, 2022



With hurricane season in full throttle, and Hurricane Ian possibly directly impacting Florida in the coming days, we wanted to share some information to help you prepare.


Social stories created by our affiliate in North Carolina that you may find useful for your loved one with autism:


For up-to-date information, please monitor local news and use the Florida Division of Emergency Management website.

Hurricane Tips

First, try not to alarm your loved one with autism.

Keep as many routines in place as possible while preparing for the possible emergency. If they have questions, try using visual aids such as social narratives or checklists to explain to them what you are doing to prepare. Focus on the positive: Your family might have to do some new things to prepare, but you will be safe.

Gather items for an emergency.

The Florida Division of Emergency Management website provides helpful information on building an emergency kit Do that now, so you will be prepared if a storm does strike. In addition to the usual list of water, nonperishable food, and first-aid items, add anything that will reduce stress for your loved one with autism. If you have duplicates of comfort items such as favorite toys or blankets, add them to your kit. If not, add a list of those items that you will pack at the last minute in case of evacuation. Include extra batteries or rechargeable power blocks for electronics and items such as iPads or phones. If your family takes any medications, be sure you have enough on hand for several days. Also remember to have some cash in case power is out and you cannot use credit or debit cards.

Consider evacuating.

If you have a safe place to which you can evacuate, it may be easier to do it sooner rather than later, when many others are on the move. If state or local officials advise evacuation, please take their recommendation seriously. First responders may not be able to get to your family if you stay and need assistance later.

Keep updated. The Florida Division of Emergency Management also offers updated information on the forecast, government announcements, traffic, shelters, flooding, and more.

We are fueled by passion and the desire to empower every person with autism and their families. People with autism have unique gifts and can contribute to their communities in many ways. We're fortunate to have them in our lives. The best advocacy occurs with education, respect and the presumption of competence for all. 

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ASF provides autism training for police officers and other first responders with information and life saving techniques to assist in encounters between professionals and children and adults with autism.

Training includes recognizing the signs of ASD, handling behavioral challenges, de-escalation strategies, elopement issues, helpful resources and much more.

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Our board advocates for and contributes to crafting legislation to protect, empower and improve the quality of life for people with autism in all aspects of life.​ We forge relationships with legislators as well as people in our communities to educate, inform and create awareness about the needs of individuals with autism in Florida. 

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Drowning is the #1 cause of death in autism and Florida leads the way in child drownings resulting in death. Kids with ASD are 160 times more likely to experience nonfatal and fatal drowning than their neurotypical peers. The Autism Society of Florida provides swim lesson scholarships that help to save lives. Training in autism is provided to water safety instructors to prepare them for teaching necessary skills to children and adults with autism. 

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Our kids don’t come with a special manual or born to parents who have a certain set of skills. We learn as we go. Sometimes we figure things out fairly quickly, and sometimes it takes years of hard work and perspiration. If we try to do it all alone, or feel that we’ve been abandoned by those we once counted on, life can easily begin to feel as though it’s impossible. Join our support group.

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