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Let's Work together to keep our kids safe.


ASF has formed a Safe Schools Task Force due to the enormous concerns we have for our children who attend public schools in Florida.


Day after day there are reports of children with autism being treated with disrespect, exposed to profanity, dragged from classrooms, baker acted, restrained and segregated.

Bullying is another big problem for our kids.

In fact, 63% of kids with autism REPORT

being bullied in school, and that is only those who can communicate about what is happening to them. 

We have contacted the Florida Department of Education, Chancellor of Education, district ESE directors, Office of Safe Schools, and we ask you to do the same.


Below are some contact emails. If you are as concerned as we are about this issue, please reach out to them and share your story. 

Thank you for standing up for children with autism.

Victoria Gaitanis, Bureau Chief,

Dept of Ed (ESE)

Tim Hay, Executive Director


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